Australian RehabWorks is a trusted provider of medico-legal assessment services in Victoria and New South Wales. We have a proven record of delivering high quality and evidence based allied health medico-legal assessment and reporting services to the personal injury industry for over 20 years.

All ARW medico-legal assessors are registered with AHPRA and are currently practicing clinicians, ensuring sound and justified recommendations.

Our team of experienced and qualified allied health professionals expertise and clinical knowledge across a broad range of practice settings. By providing clinically justified and independent expert opinion to the courts and leveraging the latest evidence based reporting we provide legal representatives with timely, accurate, objective opinions for both plaintiff and defendant clients.

Our experienced team of occupational therapists have expertise across a range of personal injury claim types. We are able to cater for all levels of personal injury from the orthopaedic and musculoskeletal, medical negligence, gastroenterological, dust and disease, through to catastrophic brain and spinal injuries.

All our therapists provide treatment services in a range of practice settings which means they utilise up to date clinical expertise and reasoning to ensure sound and justified recommendations, and ensures their ongoing credibility as expert witnesses.viagra


Australian RehabWorks makes it easy to access reliable and accurate assessments of a person’s past and future care needs. We offer a tailored approach to assessment and reporting based on the level of complexity of the case and thresholds for gratuitous care. 

Our experienced therapists deliver expert medico-legal assessment and reporting across the lifespan from paediatrics to adults and seniors, taking into consideration all aspects of an individual’s needs relevant to their stage of life. 

We provide a comprehensive assessment structure, which includes flexible options for reporting from a brief summarised assessment report to a full comprehensive assessment report. We work with you to determine the most appropriate and cost effective reporting option with respect to the claim.

Simple and easy to read executive summary and care tables 

Accurate costing of future care equipment, therapy and professional services

Comprehensive care costing presented in easy to read tables 

Strict adherence to "Medico-legal Practice Guidelines for Occupational Therapy"

Independent and unbiased recommendations for consideration of the court 

A fast-track referral process enabling us to meet critical timeframes


To find out more about our services or request an assessment please call us on 1300 189 183, email or use our contact form below.

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